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When the Robbers Came to Cardamom Town When the Robbers Came to Cardamom Town
Folk og røvere i Kardemomme by

When the Robbers Came to Cardamom Town, 2022

2022 / Norway
7.5 Rate
12 votes IMDb Rating: 7
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The three thieves Kasper, Jesper and Jonathan lives together with their always hungry lion in the little town of Kardemomme town, the home to a fair but kind police officer, and the strict Aunt Sofie.
7.5 Rate
12 votes IMDb Rating: 7
Runtime 1 hour 18 minutes
Production year 2022
Premiere in Finland May 17, 2023
World premiere January 30, 2023
Age Tulossa
Budget €5,377,210
Anders Baasmo Christiansen
Anders Baasmo Christiansen
Thorbjørn Harr
Thorbjørn Harr
Cast and Crew
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Cartoon rating
Rate 12 votes
7 IMDb
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Ольга Толпа June 1, 2023, 19:48
Крутой мульт для всей семьи.Малыш 1.10 смотрел на одном дыхании.Интересный сюжет,музыкальный и добрый.Рекомендую к просмотру.
Киноафиша.инфо June 2, 2023, 11:34
Добрый день! Спасибо за отзыв! Рады, что мультфильм вам понравился 😊
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